Forwarding Department

The Forwarding department operates in a challenging business environment and demonstrates a high operational capacity and knowledge of the transport market. It is able to handle the increasing transport volumes and changing business conditions in connection with Slovakia’s accession to the EU. It flexibly responds to price movements and demonstrates professional knowledge regarding the specifics of contracts and the terms and conditions in individual transport relations.

A team of qualified staff with many years of experience in this field, with the ability to communicate in foreign languages, uses all available means of communication and specialization: a specific transport connection (employee), from the loading to the unloading of goods.

Road freight transport is provided by contracted and certified carriers with a high capacity and a modern fleet of vehicles meeting the highest EURO standards criteria, which ensures the high flexibility and quality of transports.

Within compact shipments and the collection service we offer alternative solutions, taking into account the price, time, reliability and link to the overall distribution process.

Compact shipments are carried out depending on the transported goods, using high-quality semi-trailer sets with a capacity of 100 m3, high-capacity trailer sets up to 120 m3, and self-dumping hoppers up to a total capacity of 26 tons of goods. The loading area of self-dumping hoppers is protected against bad weather using sliding sheets.

If necessary, we are able to implement the transport of ADR 8 class hazardous goods.